“Travel and my exposure to diverse global cultures have given me an acute understanding of how film, imagery and advertising impact on self-awareness and identity globally… heavily influencing my unique and original collection of trans-cultural, internationally relevant feature screenplays.”

– Rodney Charles

The Disciple

Four trans-cultural friends are forced to reevaluate their emotionally conflicted lives following a visit from an ex-military cousin hiding a deadly secret.

African Cowboy

A Namibian Cowboy is beaten and left for dead in the vast desert, after standing up to a trans-national Posse of brutal land grabbers. However, things change when he is rescued by a mysterious Gunslinger with reasons of his own to get even with the Posse.

Once Upon a Time

A British mother tells a bedtime story to her twin sons. Her flamboyant narrative speaks of Wizards, Kings and Castles, but the stark urban London environment with racially charged tensions tell the story of her real life husband, the victim of racism and police injustice.