Rodney Charles’ first screenplay won the Greater London Arts Advanced Film and Video Award. He produced the resulting film ‘Once Upon a Time’ broadcast by BBC television and screened at the Venice Film Festival, FESPACO and London Film Festival. In 2008 Rodney’s debut feature as writer, director and producer, ‘The Disciple’, screened at the BFM Film Festival: BFI South Bank, London also winning Best New Director honor at the Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles.

In 2016 he produced and premiered the documentary feature ‘In Exile’ at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival). Rodney wrote, directed and produced the short film, ‘African Cowboy which was nominated for five Namibian Academy Awards. In 2018 he collaborated with the Young Vic Theatre (London) producing and directing ‘My England’ a series of seven short films in seven very different parts of England, exploring diversity, identity and what it means to be English post Brexit. Currently he is producing ‘Go Heal Yourself’; a stylized wholistic documentary that poses the question: What does it take to heal from a life-threatening disease?

As a film actor Rodney has collaborated with notable directors such as Wim Wenders, Mike Figgis and Antoine Fuqua. His numerous film and television appearances have been balanced with a career as an international model, resulting in Rodney’s exposure to diverse global cultures. This exposure has inspired an acute understanding of how film, imagery and advertising impact on self-awareness and identity globally. As a result, he is committed to creating diverse, transcultural and internationally relevant socially progressive content. He has developed screenplays through BingerLab (Amsterdam), B3 Media Lab w/ Film 4 (London) and his screenplay ‘Reclaimed’ won the BHERC screenwriting award in Hollywood.

Rodney is a founding member and the Vice President of the African Artists’ Association (, a Hollywood based non-profit organization focused on empowerment, diversifying and demystifying the arts and entertainment industry. Rodney has been a panelist and/or moderator on film industry panels at the Berlinale; European Film Market: Africa Hub, Cannes Film Festival; American Pavilion, Pan African Film Festival, Diversity in Cannes, Toronto International Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam and the Dutch Film Festival.